Have you ever feel the traditional websites are a bit dull? Although 6-Degree-of-Freedom (DoF) head-mounted display (HMD) VR is fascinating, the production costs is very high and there are many limitations in order to access the experience. 

VR Guiding Website is the solution to the gap in between traditional websites and 6 DoF HMD VR.

Users can immerse into VR experiments via computer or mobile devices without purchasing expensive devices or downloading apps. With lower production cost, VR Guiding Website is no doubt the champion among VR contents in terms of cost-performance value.

Well experienced in designing UI & UX, Panosensing is able to provide highly customized VR Guiding Website according to customers’ needs. Below are some examples of our projects:

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2018.09.17 – 2018.09.20
Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) – Taipei Grand Trail Press Conference and Exhibition

2018  Taipei Grand Trail ◆ Let’s Hike in the Fall!

Just follow Bravo the Bear!
He will take you on the journey of discovering the beauty of hiking trails!

2017.11.24 – 2018.01.01

2017  New Taipei City Christmasland

This is the first time where the “high resolution aerial night panoramas” are adopted in a VR tour-guiding system!



Recreating a physical object into 3D models with scanned-in images, 3D scanning can be applied to many usages such as cultural preservation or collection digitalization.

At Panosensing, we are able to achieve high resolution 3D model scanning with many successful cases such as Taichi for Juming Museum and Queen’s Head Stone at Yeliu, which were also the examples of incorporating 3D scanning and mobile AR App development.



Bronze Sculpture  —  Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow is an antique from Gansu. Via 3D model scanning technology, valuable antiques can be digitally collected and appreciated. There will be no more time/distance issues for accessing art appreciations in the future.



ASUS Nvidia Graphic Chip

Object size: L18xW3xH13CM


AR is well-known with the popular mobile game “Pokemon Go”. However, AR can be adopted in various occasions rather than just in games.

Panosensing is able to present you 3D virtual objects in real life which opens unlimited possibilities in business and marketing applications.


Taipei Grand Trail VR Exhibition Hiking in the Fall AR APP

A 3D Taipei Model wit labeled hiking trail paths can be triggered with the souvenir given. To create more interactions and fun, there were also 3D Bravo Bears with different gestures allocated in every parts of the exhibition, where the visitors could take and share their photos with Bravo using our app.


Juming Museum – Taichi AR iPass

Cooperating with the sculptural artist: Ju Ming, we scanned the actual sculpture of Taichi series – Single Whip and present it using AR on Taichi iPass card.


Wan Jin Shi Marathon EXPO | Yeliu Queen’s Head AR

We have exhibited the following products in 2017 New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon Expo:

♚ Marathon route VR tour-guiding website
♚ Queen’s head AR
♚ Yehliu Geopark 6 DoF VR

To present life-like Taiwan northern coast, Panosensing filmed the complete Yehliu Geopark on-site. Via our AR APP, users can collect Queen’s head easily with all the extreme details like the sea erosion on it.

| 6 DoF VR

2018.09.17 – 2018.09.20 
Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) – Taipei Grand Trail Press Conference and Exhibition

2018 Taipei Grand Trail ◆ JinMianShan’s JianDao Stone VR

By putting on Head-mounted display (HMD), users now can be able to enter another world immediately, even if it’s a world that can never be existed physically.

With the ability of 3D environment scanning and content designing, Panosensing is able to bring you to specific location while you are not required to do the traveling physically.